Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Errata 1 - Finney book

Barbara Williams contributed these Errata. You may wish to mark your Finney books at this time. At a later date, I will be publishing an update with erratta fixed and new information.
Cousette Copeland

Page 97-C, top George Marion Williams child B. is Forrest Edward Williams. He was named after both grand-fathers but they opted for a different spelling for Forrest.

Page 97-C, lower right photo , Inez and son, George Marion , last name should be Williams, not Hendrickson.

Page 97-d, photo, left to right, rear - George Marion, Forest Dale, Mary Inez, Forest Everett Williams, Wanda May Williams Morgan, Donald Henry Morgan. Boys in front are John Everett Morgan and Donald Gene Morgan.

Page 97-d, bottom of page, Shelley Kaye Kessler, not Shelley Kay.

Page 97-d, bottom of page, Connie Marie Leggitt, not Leggit.

Page 97-e, top of page, (2) Gillian Kaye Williams, not Gillian Kay.

Page 97-f, 2. A. Paulette Maxine Furnas married Paul Dean Sunley, not Supley.

Page 215, upper photo, little boy is Alonzo Keith Hendrickson sitting between his parents, George Hamilton and Myrtle May Hendrickson. Reunion was 1929, Forest Dale Williams was not born until August 14, 1934.

Page 294,first line, should be Forest Dale Williams (only one r).


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