Sunday, July 15, 2012

1940 Census Information! has the 1940 census available. Some of the states are now indexed by name and place. That's helpful! I couldn't find anyone before because you had to have addresses or census districts - and that's difficult when most of my relations were on farms.

I was able to view my grandfather William Quincy Copeland's census information, as well as my uncle Donald William Copeland and my Dad James Delos Copeland. My grandfather's profession is listed as Prospector. This would be the last census where they all lived together. A few years later, my Uncle Don would join the Army and would be fighting in the South Pacific. My dad would be on the road, hopping trains (with Johnny Cash's brother!) and doing many jobs, including cook and tree blaster. Dad would join the Army after the war and head to Japan and Korea.

I also looked up my grandfather's siblings and found out some interesting things. His sister Clarissa was living with her brother Charles Orien Copeland's family. His brother Emery Loyd Copeland and family were listed on the family farm in Kansas, but his brother Austin Hawkins Copeland and family were on no Kansas listing! Nor was brother Daniel Ezra Copeland - though he may have been following the Harvest at that time. His brothers Samuel Gilbert Copeland and Elbert Epps Copeland were both in Washington state with their families, and so was their bachelor brother Archibald Jackson Copeland. I'm waiting for the Oklahoma census to be indexed and then I'll find the information for Pearl Copeland Koons and her husband Frank Wilburn Koons, and their children.

It's all fascinating details that give us proof that we were there.....


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