Saturday, February 25, 2012

Family Resemblances article in the Family History Magazine Mar/April 2012

Family History magazine invited it's readers to submit photos where family members had an uncanny resemblance to their ancestors. I submitted a photo of my Dad - James Delos Copeland - along with the family photo of Benjamin Franklin McKay and his wife Margaret McKinlay. Dad's mother (my grandmother) Agnes Elizabeth McKay is in the middle of the photo (she would later marry my grandfather William Quincy Copeland). She is surrounded by her brothers - Donald Robert, Peter Miller, Walter Scott, and Benjamin Franklin JR. It's uncanny how my Dad had a bit of his mother and each of his uncles in his face. Those looks are in my sister Fran's (Francis Ann Copeland Gardner) face, and in her son Delos Thomas Gardner's face. As Delos says, "I have each of their EXPRESSIONS."

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