Monday, October 24, 2011

Copeland, Finney, and Rayl Tintypes

When Ralph Copeland passed away, the Copeland family album revealed some tiny treasures - tintypes. Images of our Copeland/Finney ancestors in miniature. They are a mere 2+ inches of dark images on metal. With the magic of PhotoShop, I was able to scan, lighten, and 'fix' these tintype images. Here they are!
Young Samantha Jane Finney - later married to Abner Copeland

Early Samantha Finney - daughter of Wesley and Mary Matilda (Hinshaw) Finney

This was with Elbert Epps Copeland's photos, but he looks like Daniel Webster Finney. In the old Copeland family photo album, the tintype for DW Finney was missing. So I'm guessing...

Samuel Gilbert (SG) Copeland and Dan (this must be Samantha's younger brother Daniel Webster Finney) 
 You can clearly see Dan marked in the fixed tintype scan.
 Arch Copeland - baby - tintype
Arch Copeland - baby - fixed
Jabez Rayl - married Wesley Finey's sister Catherine Finney

Jabez Rayl tintype - fixed
Jabez and Catherine (Finney) Rayl
Hiram Rayl - son of Jabez and Catherine Rayl

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Copeland photos - from Black-and-White to Color!

As you know, I often have black and white photographs turned into color images on canvas by Canvas on Demand.
They did a remarkable job on this 1892 photo of the Copelands on the family farm. It looks as if the photo were taken yesterday!

Then they took an old black and white 1968 work photo of my Dad - and made him as handsome as I remembered him. Look at his beautiful blue eyes! James Delos Copeland.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Ralph Copeland's Legacy - keeps on giving!

Today I received a package from George Copeland. After Ralph's passing, George went to the Bolton Friends Church to pick up some photos that Pastor Grady Miller found. It was a large can filled with photos and memorabilia! This will keep me busy for the next month or so! I will be scanning photos. I may be emailing some to the descendants that I am in contact with.
For anyone else reading this blog who wants the photos that are on it, all you have to do is put your cursor on the photo, click your right mouse button, select "Save As" and save the image to a folder on your computer!
Based on the labels on the back of some of the photos, I may have to make corrections to images that already appeared in print in my books! So if you want to keep up with it - you may want to check this blog periodically and print corrections, and then place them in  your copy of the book.
My sister Fran said, "if we hadn't gone to Kansas in 2009 and if you hadn't wanted to write books about our family, most people would never have seen all these wonderful photos!" It's been a blessing for me too.

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Finding a LOST Copeland son!

When Ralph Copeland passed in Aug. 2011, he left his home and contents to the Bolton Friends (Quaker) Church. Pastor Grady Miller responded to my request to save the family photos and memorabilia.
George Copeland, his wife Maxine, and sister Virginia Copeland Noble went to the church to examine the 30 albums and 23 diaries that Pastor Miller found on the first day. Only one album pertained to the Copelands. George took it home. Maxine began scanning the album contents and sending them to me. One photo was immediately intriguing. It is labeled Andy and Nancy Copeland.

When I saw this photo, I wondered "who is Andy Copeland?" At first, I noticed Nancy's hands - they look as large and long as Abner Copeland's hands. Then my sister Fran said, "Doesn't George Copeland look a little like Andy Copeland?' But we had no Andy or Andrew Copeland in family records or on the known Copeland genealogy records.
I went through my book "An American Genealogy: The Copeland Family of Montgomery County Kansas." On page 470, there is the "Descendants of Ashford Copeland" compiled by Lawrence (Larry) Seits of  Benton, IL. In it, he lists Andrew Jackson Copeland as the son of Ashford and Elizabth (Dodson) Copeland. Andrew married Nancy Lamb. Andrew died in 1895 in Parke County, IN where the Copeland family had settled. So I assumed that this was the Andy and Nancy in the photograph.
It wasn't until a week later, when I was going through 3 boxes of photos and memorabilia sent to me by Pastor Miller that I came across another revelation!
In Samantha Finney Copeland's memorial book (1937) on the last page, there is a "Personal Record of Abner Copeland." I assume it was written by Clarissa Copeland, the eldest daughter. In it, she says Abner had 9 siblings - "five brothers and four sisters."
Note that Nancy Copeland (Abner's sister died in 1908) and her obituary states that she had 3 sisters and 4 brothers who preceded her in death and 2 brothers still living - Abner and John."[ Also, we know that one of the Abner's brother's name was Simon, who settled in Orange (not Parke) County (he is the father of Abner's cousin another Andrew Jackson Copeland (another Andrew) who settled in TX).]
Back to Samantha's memorial book. Clarissa lists Abner's known siblings - Oliver, Nancy, and John. The big SURPRISE is the name of one of the "missing" siblings - ANDREW COPELAND!
One thing - Nancy's obit states that she had 3 sisters and 6 brothers, so this
means there were 10 children in all. That means there are 4 more MISSING Copelands! In most families, some children died at birth or during childhood due to illnesses, so we may never know those names. Then again, some may have remained in NC when the family moved to IN in 1851. Will we ever find out?
So, Ralph Copeland's legacy continues to provide clues, details, and photos about the Copeland family!
If you have my Copeland book, print out this material and put it in the section

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ralph Copeland's legacy - a gift to the Bolton Quaker Church

When Ralph Copeland passed, four churches in his town benefited from his and his wife Arlene's generosity. The Bolton Friends (Quaker) Church received his home and its contents. Ralph always recalled with fondness, "The little church in the Country." It is the Quaker church that his grandparents Abner and Samantha Copeland helped found with the Lindley and Woody families, who lived near them in Indiana and in North Carolina.
Pastor Grady Miller responded to my request for Copeland photos and memorabilia. On his first visit, he found a shelf with 30 photo albums and 23 diaries. Unfortunately, they were for a couple named Pat and Lorna Patchen.
I did some ancestry research and found out that Lorna (Price) Patchen was Arlene's aunt. I then contacted several people of that family line to find out who might want the materials. Several people responded. It was finally narrowed down to one woman, who will share info with the others. Family history preserved!
Grady also said that he has since found many many more photos and albums of the Copeland/Finney history. He will send them to me and I will review, sort, and forward the photos to the respective descendants.
Thank you Pastor Grady Miller for your kindness!
On Oct. 22, 2011, the contents of Ralph's home will go up for sale in Coffeyville KS. The proceeds will benefit the Bolton Friends Church, hopefully enough to replace the church roof and to fund the various programs that they provide.
I am sure that Ralph and Arlene are in Heaven enjoying that others will benefit from their preservation of family items and other possessions.

Finney book delay

A week ago, I checked with my publisher to ask about the book status of An American Genealogy: The Finney Family History and Genealogy. They told me they never received the CD with the book files! I sent it right after the hurricane in South Carolina, where the plant is located.
So I sent them another file - this time I used FedEx instead of the US Post Office.
They have received it, reviewed it, set up the book, and I received notice today that they are ordering the Proof for me to review.
I will review and approve upon receipt, and I will let everyone know when the book is available on amazon. I will then order my copies so that I can fill the pre-paid orders for autographed copies.
Thank you for your patience.