Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Before-and-After Photos from

Here are some wonderful examples of how made old family photos come to life! Enjoy.

Kyushiro Mine and family on arrival in Formosa, 1930s
Kyushiro Mine's family in front of the Japanese Embassey in Formosa - New Year's Day
Copeland family in Monterey CA, with an inset of brother Stuart
Copeland family in Santa Clara, with Grandfather Kyushiro Mine
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bringing the Past to Life - Canvas on Demand

I have had several black and white photos turned into colorized images and placed on canvas by a remarkable company by ! Here is a great example. In 2009, John McKay of Texas sent me an email and the attachment was a beautiful 1910 photo of Benjamin and Margaret (McKinlay) McKay and their 4 sons and 1 daughter who was my grandmother Agnes Elizabeth McKay.

I was shocked because I always thought my Father James Delos McKay looked like "a Copeland." Instead, this photo was proof that he looked like the McKay family, and even further research shows that this is a McKay and McKinlay combination of handsome men and beautiful women. I gazed at the McKay family photo and said "blood of my blood, these are my people" and "how do I make you come alive?" I am still working on the McKay book and I thought, what would happen if I had the image colorized?

I added a photo of my Dad from 1948 to show how he compared in looks. Well, look for yourself. This looks as if this family portrait was taken today. The dark hair, the blue eyes, the beautiful complexion - all bring this McKay (and McKinlay Mother) family to life! The interesting thing is that when I showed my nephew Delos Thomas Gardner this image, he said, "I recognize all those EXPRESSIONS - even in the women - I have seen them all in my own face!" 100 years later, and the McKay genes are going strong!

Top left to right - Donald Robert, Peter Miller, Walter Scott, and Benjamin Franklin JR

Middle - Agnes Elizabeth

Bottom - inset - James Delos Copeland (son of Agnes Elizabeth McKay and William Quincy Copeland)

Bottom - Benjamin Franklin and Margaret (McKinlay) McKay

You can click on any photo and it will display an enlarged image in a separate window.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year Gratitude

As 2011 begins, I think about the extended family I met while researching my genealogy. Instead of just names and dates of dead people, I found living descendants. This year, heir Christmas cards outnumbered those from my immediate family and long-time friends! The warmth and openness that they share has enriched my life.
When I first saw old-time photos of my ancestors and their families, I said to myself "blood of my blood, these are my people." I could see my late Father's face in so many of those ancestors' faces. I feel his lifeforce in the energy and integrity of the people I have met or communicated with.
I wish them all, as well as others searching out their genealogy, a very Happy New Year filled with peace, joy, and well-being!