Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Finney book is now available on Amazon.com

You can now order "An American Genealogy: The Finney Family History and Genealogy" on Amazon.com!

"An American Genealogy: The Finney Family History and Genealogy" is the first new Finney genealogy published in a long time. It is available on amazon.com at this link
Finney genealogists must correct their ancestry charts and copies of previously published Finney genealogies! Cousette Copeland’s book An American Genealogy: The Finney Family History and Genealogy contains Controversy, Science, and a Revelation that provides DNA evidence and a corrected Finney genealogy that cannot be disputed! In the tradition of her previous An American Genealogy book, Copeland brings the Finney family history alive, using a unique pictorial genealogy. Photographs document ancestors and their descendants. Readers will enjoy discovering their ancient and close Finney relations, as well as learning about Finney lives and their history. The materials will delight amateur and professional genealogists, alike.

The book begins with Robert Finney - the traditionally thought of "Father of the Finneys" and goes through his descendants until it reaches Joseph and Rachel (Barkley) Finney, and then his descendants, with a focus on Joseph and Mary Polly (Long) Finney, and their descendants. James Finney contributed wonderful photos of the headstones of Robert Finney and his wife. The book includes copies of legal documents written in the old handwriting as well as anything available to the original author Rosamary High Finney, who passed in 1997. Rosamary's husband gave me permission to use her book as the core of my book. I took her 190 page mss and turned it into a 500 page book.

The biggest Revelation has to do with 2 Finney genealogists who post to the message board - Lynn M Stuter (nee Finney) and Gerald Finney. Lynn contended that Joseph (with Rachel Barkley) was NOT descended from Lazarus Finney. Gerald Finney created and administers the Finney DNA project. With the DNA of Harold Finney and other Finney males, Lynn's assertion was proven true! There is an entire chapter on the DNA test and an explanation of its results!

In addition to over 400+ photos of Finneys and their descendants, there are "new" photographs that may have never been seen by anyone. In August 2011, Ralph Copeland (his grandmother was a Finney) passed. His estate contained 100s of Copeland photos, as well as Finney and related photos - many of which are over 100 years old.

Some of the photos are in this latest Finney book. Others, I have been posting to findagrave.com, ancestry.com, and to my blog - www.anamericangenealogy.blogspot.com

My style of books is called a pictorial genealogy because I believe photographs bring alive our ancestors and relations.

The Finneys were also related to the Copelands, Rayls, Elphins, and more. It's fascinating to look at a printed genealogy and see tall the relationships.

About the Author - Cousette Copeland (that's me)

Cousette Copeland is the author of three other books available on Amazon.com. “Silicon Valley: Fact and Fiction” is a memoir with observations about the changes in Silicon Valley from 1961 to Present. “Wild Rider and Other Paintings” presents her paintings and drawings. The third book is “An American Genealogy: The Copelands of Montgomery County Kansas,” which was the first in a series of her family history and genealogy books. Cousette is a professional writer, living and working in Silicon Valley. She has worked for over two dozen high-tech companies since 1986. In addition, she has had articles published in journals, including SPUR Equestrian News, Lapidary Journal, Diabetes Forecast, and numerous newspaper editorials.



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