Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ralph Copeland's legacy - a gift to the Bolton Quaker Church

When Ralph Copeland passed, four churches in his town benefited from his and his wife Arlene's generosity. The Bolton Friends (Quaker) Church received his home and its contents. Ralph always recalled with fondness, "The little church in the Country." It is the Quaker church that his grandparents Abner and Samantha Copeland helped found with the Lindley and Woody families, who lived near them in Indiana and in North Carolina.
Pastor Grady Miller responded to my request for Copeland photos and memorabilia. On his first visit, he found a shelf with 30 photo albums and 23 diaries. Unfortunately, they were for a couple named Pat and Lorna Patchen.
I did some ancestry research and found out that Lorna (Price) Patchen was Arlene's aunt. I then contacted several people of that family line to find out who might want the materials. Several people responded. It was finally narrowed down to one woman, who will share info with the others. Family history preserved!
Grady also said that he has since found many many more photos and albums of the Copeland/Finney history. He will send them to me and I will review, sort, and forward the photos to the respective descendants.
Thank you Pastor Grady Miller for your kindness!
On Oct. 22, 2011, the contents of Ralph's home will go up for sale in Coffeyville KS. The proceeds will benefit the Bolton Friends Church, hopefully enough to replace the church roof and to fund the various programs that they provide.
I am sure that Ralph and Arlene are in Heaven enjoying that others will benefit from their preservation of family items and other possessions.


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