Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ralph Copeland's estate leads to Genealogy find for another

When Ralph Copeland passed, he left his home to a church that his father's family attended - "a little church in the country." I asked the minister if he would be kind enough to send me any photos and memorabilia, as Ralph did not have children. I wanted to make sure those things were not just thrown away.

On his first visit to Ralph's home, the minister brought home 30 photo albums and 23 diaries! However they had the name of another couple that I did not know about. One of the other Copeland cousins recalled that they were Ralph's wife Arlene's aunt and uncle.

I began researching their names and found that they had no children. On, I researched family trees that had the couple's names in them. Then I contacted the owners of those family trees.

Luckily several replied with interest - but there was one whose families were closely related, who had family letters, and who recalled visiting them and meeting Arlene. This relative will inherit the treasure trove of photos - which has photos through the early 70s - as well as historical photos of old time Coffeyville KS. Hopefully she may find some photos that she can share with us later!


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