Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Finney book is finished!

"An American Genealogy: The Finney Family History and Genealogy" is finished!

At the start of summer, I said I would complete the book by end of August - and I did. I had been working on it for most of this year, but put in a concentrated effort to finish it this summer.

The book has a startling section called "Controversy, Science, and Revelation." This section will overturn all previously published Finney genealogies, and this book will be the first to announce important Finney genealogy information.

This book will also be the first Finney genealogy that has been published in many years. There are hundreds of photos in this book too! Putting a fact to names, dates, and places is a tradition in my unique style of pictorial genealogies.

The proof copy will arrive in 2 or so weeks. Once approved, the book will be available on or you can request an autographed copy from me.

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