Sunday, May 15, 2011

Finney Genealogy Project


I have been in a dilemna. Which book to finish first - the McKinlay/McKays or the Finneys?

I have decided to work on the Finney book first. Why? Because in 1992, Rosamary High Finney completed a 190 page genealogy. With her husband Tommie's permission, I am using that book as the core of my Finney book. I will make any required corrections and additions (there have been a lot of Finney births since 1992!). I will add in the Copeland information because my great grandmother was Samantha Finney Copeland.

I hope the Finneys will now take the time to send me stories, histories, and especially photos. Please send any old-time photos. Also send me any family shots - over the years and now. Make sure to note the names for everyone that you know in the photos.

I'm hoping that I can contact Forrest Dale William's widow in Bartlesville OK - he was very interested in family history, and his family line were the Finneys who married into the Allens. He gave me a few extraordinary copies of the Allen's covered wagon journey to Colorado.

My goal is to finish this book by the end of the summer - if I get a job, however, it may be delayed by a few weeks.

I hope the book will be printed in time for the Finney reunion in October in Kansas!

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