Sunday, February 13, 2011

Joseph Finney and Mary Polly Long

What are the oldest photo images that I have come across? The photos of my great grandmother's grandparents - Joseph Finney and Mary Polly Long. Mary Polly Long is either all or half Cherokee. Legend is that her parents died on the Trail of Tears and that Quakers adopted her. Her face certainly shows her Quaker heritage! George Copeland of Missouri is my Dad's cousin, and he has the original tintypes, which were passed down through his grandmother Samantha Finney Copeland to his father Emery Loyd Copeland and then to him.
Joseph Long Mary Polly Long
Parke County, Indiana

Wesley and Mary Matilda (Hinshaw) Finney (seated right) and most of their children; 1896 Montgomery County Kansas
You can click on any photo and it will display an enlarged image in a separate window.

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