Friday, November 19, 2010

"Cuzzins" meet! Cousette and Greg Copeland

Technically we are 2nd cousins once removed. Greg's 90 year old father, George Copeland is my late father's cousin, so he is my 2nd cousin. Greg is a 2nd cousin, once removed.

ANYWAY - in researching my book, I found that several Copeland descendants lived in Silicon Valley at one time or another - Greg was one of them, being a resident here for 20 years! He lived just 15 miles away from me and worked in high-tech, but we never knew.

At his father's urging, Greg called while he was in town on a consulting job. We met at El Torito's, had a meal and a drink together, and talked family and Silicon Valley history. He too witnessed the replacement of an orchard by a mega apartment structure.

Long live the family and Cuzzins!

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday, Ralph Copeland!

On Nov. 5, Ralph Copeland turned 28 - again! After a certain age, he decided to remain young forever. He hardly has a gray hair on his head and he has a smile and a good word for everyone. Ralph has wonderful memories of his grandmother Samantha Jane (Finney) Copeland, who passed in 1937. He recalls all of Samantha and Abner Copeland's 10 children, their spouses, their children (who were his cousins), and the grandchildren who were known to the family.
When I wrote a letter in June of 2009, he responded with enthusiasm and information. He was glad to find out what happened to his cousins Don and Delos (James Delos was my father) Copeland. He gave me the news of the family and address/phone numbers, so I could contact the other cousins - who were all in their 80s.

In Oct. 2009, I was able to come to Kansas and meet with all but one (Pearl Copeland's son, Melvin Koons who lives in AZ). It was a delight to see these Copelands who were all welcoming my sister and I back into the family.

I was fortunate to meet Ralph's wife Arlene of 57 years. Arlene unfortunately passed in June of this year.

Ralph enjoys his church community and his friends, as well as his pet cats. He likes a good meal and enjoys pies - especially peach pies. His favorite color is blue, and people say "Isn't Ralph the nicest man?" He is!

I spoke with Ralph on his birthday and he told me that they recovered the headstone that had been stolen from the Dalton Gang, who are buried in the same cemetery that his wife Arlene rests in. He keeps up on local and world events, and voted in the election.

Happy Birthday, Ralph Copeland - and may you have many more!

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