Monday, July 26, 2010

July 27 - Happy Birthday to Cousette Copeland!

Shuko and James Copeland
with their first baby - Cousette Copeland
Happy Birthday to Me!

Another year, and things are still moving along. This past year, I was fortunate enough to connect with many new relatives and to gather enough family history, stories, and photos to write an incredibly rich, textured, and interesting pictorial genealogy of the Copeland family. I'm thankful to those early Copeland ancestors, to the many Copeland descendants, and to my own nuclear family.

I know that my family history explains my own character and that there are still mysteries to be uncovered and to be recorded.

Without children, my words in books and stories/poems, and my artwork are my legacy. I am thankful to be alive and to have my family and friends.

It's been a long way from a Ft. Benning hospital in Columbus, Georgia - just as my Dad said he came a long way from Poorman's Creek in the hills of Jacksonville, Oregon.

Thank you for Celebrating my Life with Me Today - July 27!

Cousette with Mitsu (who went to Doggie Heaven 7 years ago)

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