Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2010 has been an exciting year. I published the first printing of my book in April. Then by August, I printed what I thought would be the final version. However, I was able to contact a distant relation who supplied me photos and stories that expanded the chapter about Austin Copeland, his wife Rhoda Hancock, and their son John Earl Copeland Sr, and grandson John Earl Copeland Jr. So, in October, I once again published the final version of the book. It has been available on Amazon. I sold many copies through this web site, but now I am letting Amazon do all the hard work!

I have appreciated the comments that said I had created an important historical document. I think I have. I have never seen a pictorial genealogy and family history that is as complete as "An American Genealogy: The Copeland Family of Montgomery County Kansas." What is even more valuable to me is that I was able to locate and document almost 150 descendants of Abner and Samantha Copeland! Now, their descendants will also be able to read about and see their ancestors too!

This book will be in the Library of Congress and one day, digitized records of this book will also be available to future genealogists, historians, and Copeland descendants.

It was amazing to find out that all of us Copelands were descended from Earless John Copeland, a famous Quaker martyr. He was descended from John de Copeland, who captured David - son of Robert the Bruce!

This leads into the next An American Genealogy book - the one about the McKays and the McKinlays. My grandfather William Quincy Copeland married Agnes Elizabeth McKay. Her McKay ancestors are among the very few who were descended from the original leaders of the McKay clan! In the matriarchial line of the McKays are also the Munro nobility. Here is the irony, one of her ancestors was also Robert the Bruce. So the descendant of the man who captured the son of Robert the Bruce and the descendant of Robert the Bruce - met and married in Kansas, and gave me some wonderful heritage to explore in the next book!

What a Happy New Year it will be for me, the Copelands, the McKays, the McKinlays, and the Finneys who are all related to Abner and Samantha Jane (Finney) Copeland!

Happy New Year to one and to all!

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