Friday, November 19, 2010

"Cuzzins" meet! Cousette and Greg Copeland

Technically we are 2nd cousins once removed. Greg's 90 year old father, George Copeland is my late father's cousin, so he is my 2nd cousin. Greg is a 2nd cousin, once removed.

ANYWAY - in researching my book, I found that several Copeland descendants lived in Silicon Valley at one time or another - Greg was one of them, being a resident here for 20 years! He lived just 15 miles away from me and worked in high-tech, but we never knew.

At his father's urging, Greg called while he was in town on a consulting job. We met at El Torito's, had a meal and a drink together, and talked family and Silicon Valley history. He too witnessed the replacement of an orchard by a mega apartment structure.

Long live the family and Cuzzins!

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