Monday, September 6, 2010

Scottish Clan Gathering

As I ramp up to work on my next book "An American Genealogy: The McKinlay and McKay Families of Montgomery County Kansas", I am focusing on things Scottish. So I went with friends to the annual Clan Gathering at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton, CA.

There we saw lots of men in kilts! yahoo! Listened to lots of bagpipe music. Watched burly giants hurling logs (cabers). Visited the clan tents and more. Unfortunately, there was no McKay tent! The gentleman in charge of it was in FLA. However, I did meet the clan leader and he advised me that McKay (mc-kaye) is the English pronunciation. That "mac" means son of; and "Aiodh" was the original clan leader, so MacAi or MacAye is the Scottish pronounciation! I stand corrected.

There was no McKinlay tent, but I remembered that the McKinlays were under the large umbrella clan of the Farquharsens! So I visited a bit with them. You have to understand clan history to know how smaller clans were under the protection of larger clans, and then you'd understand that each clan tent had a board with postings of the many names which were under their clan protection in ancient times.

My friend Malyne and her father Dr. Hazard were able to find their MacLachlan tent, and we visited with their representatives.

A grand time was had by all, and remember their saying "If it isn't Scottish, it's cra-a-a-p!"

Here I am with a few handsome men in kilts!

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