Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An American Genealogy is Available for Purchase!

Finally! After months of wrangling with the publisher over print and cover quality, I have approved the book and it is being published.

An American Genealogy: The Copeland Family of Montgomery County Kansas is available for sale.

The book will be on by next week. From this web site, I will have autographed copies ready to send out on August 19, 2010. As a 'release' special, I am offering free shipping to the lower 48 states through Sept. 2010. After Sept., the shipping charge is $3.50.

Contact me for rates to ship to AK, HI, and international destinations.

For those of you that purchased the 6 x 9 pre-release copy in April, here are the major differences:
  • Most of the copyedits have been fixed
  • Additional photos have been included (an early photo of Abner, Samantha, and 3 of the boys in front of their house with a dog and chickens; Susan Pence Copeland; the Scheel/Marshall daughters and mother; Arlene Copeland)
  • Donna Copeland's memory of her father Donald William Copeland, including his military background and Purple Heart
  • A 1937 letter from Donald Copeland to his grandmother Samantha Copeland
  • The Obituary and Memorial Card for Arlene Copeland, who passed away on June 21, 2010.

I am so proud of this book, and am still in awe of the wonderful people that I met, and who told me the wonderful stories about the Copelands and their relations. I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I did in writing it!

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