Monday, June 21, 2010

R.I.P. - Arlene Copeland

Early this morning, Arlene Copeland passed away in Coffeyville, Kansas. She was 87 years old.
I was fortunate enough to have met Arlene this past October, and to have corresponded with her and talked to her on the telephone. She was a sweet, gentle, Christian woman who was married to Ralph Copeland for 57 years.

She was the only child of Roll Elmer Webb and Stella Cleveland Price. She was born, raised, and lived in the Caney and Coffeyville Kansas area for all of her life.

When her Mother died, her aunt invited her to California. Arlene was afraid to go because she heard that they had live music and dancing at restaurants in the Bay Area. When she arrived, she found out that they did! She was fortunate that her aunt took her on a trip from the Bay Area all through California and all the way to Tijuana Mexico.

She worked at Kress Department store for 28 years, and was later a secretary for the local branch of the A.A.R.P.

She will be missed by her beloved husband Ralph, her friends, her church community, and all who knew her.



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