Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Memorial Day is a day for Remembrance

Memorial Day is a day for remembering soldiers
who died in the service of their country
At 3:00 PM, one should pause and remember those soldiers who died in the service of their country. Take a moment to recall that fallen soldier.

John Earl Copeland
Austin Hawkins Copeland's son John Earl Copeland was shot down in 1944, Hansa Bay, New Guinea. He was only 21 years old. He left a wife and a son John Earl Jr whom he had never seen.

Lt. Poulson's crew - John Earl Copeland is presumed to be in the lower row, middle - based on his resemblance to this childhood photo of John Earl on a horse.

John Earl Copeland was posthumously awarded an Air Medal and the Purple Heart.

James Delos Copeland
Although my father did not die in battle, he did fight in Korea. While there, he contracted hemoraghic fever and nearly died at age 22. He recovered, but his circulatory system was damaged so much that he began having heart attacks at age 35. He died at age 43. He never spoke about his military service. He was a kind and gentle man, much loved and much missed by his family every single day.

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