Friday, April 23, 2010

Looks Old, but it's New

Someone wrote to me that they admired my book and that it looked old, but was new. He said he was envious because he wished he knew enough about his family to write a book. This was my reply.

"Thanks for the compliment. Anyone can write a book about their family if they are passionate about what they have. My book has 500 pages and 500 photos and family trees. It's way too big - haha! I saw that you traced your family line back to 1756 - and you have photos and documents. With that, you could publish a book. What is interesting is that if you can look at your research and see how it fits in with your family today. Why? In 50 or 100 years, this will be fascinating to one of your descendants or a descendant of one of your relatives.

There is no way that my brother/sister/nephew/cousins/their kids would do the kind of research that I did - but they all want a copy of the book, just cause they are 'curious.'

I love history, so I wove in bits of historical facts, such as how long it takes to travel between states in a wagon train, or by railroad, or from Scotland to the US via steamship. Or how a wheat harvester makes his living. It fascinated me and it might fascinate someone else.

As people who research genealogy, we are the ones who can make it fascinating for others!

The fascinating stuff might be just a generation above you - if you can talk to people in their 80s and 90s, they have loads of stories and information that you could share with your family and descendants, and with others researching your family line.

Good luck!"

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