Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where Did I Come From, by Joel Stein, Time magazine

For a hilarious take on how many people view the idea of genealogy, take a look at this web site:

Joseph writes, "No one is more interested in himself than I am. And yet even I don't care about my genealogy."

He'll make you l augh as a relative tries to suck him into the genealogist's enthusiasm, and speculates on the 2 genealogy shows Faces of America and Who Do You Think You Are.

He says, when he finds out that a census reveals that his ancestor said she came from Poland, and then changed it to Austria. "These are countries that don't even border each other. I come from stupid people. You know how I know that? Because I had to look up whether those countries border each other."

Not everyone is interested in what we genealogists and family history buffs are interested in. That amazes me!

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