Saturday, March 13, 2010

Some Mysteries Cannot Be Solved Unless I Get Help

I want to solve a mystery.
I always thought that my great grandfather Abner Copeland only had 2 brothers - Oliver and John - and 1 sister - Nancy. Then I got a copy of Nancy Copeland's obituary, which said that when she died in 1909, she was preceded in death by 3 sisters and 4 brothers (one of those brothers was Oliver). The brothers still alive at the time of Nancy's death were my great grandfather Abner and his brother John.

By looking at the 1840 census in North Carolina, I saw that there were several other children. That census only lists the head of the family, and then all family members by sex and age. There were 5 sons listed and 3 daughters. That means that after the 1840 census, 1 more son and 1 more daughter were born. Some of the older sons and one older daughter may have remained in NC when the family moved to Indiana in 1850 or so.

In the 1850 census in IN, Loyd and his family are listed, and then Daniel R. Efland is listed. However, under Daniel's name there is a notation (in the file) of an 18 yr old male and a 24 year old female. These could be the unnamed children from the 1840 census. The young John born in IN is also listed on the next page.

Daniel's parents are Peter and Betsey Efland. Peter's grandfather is Daniel May, who is Loyd's wife Barbara's father. So they are second cousins or something. I think Daniel is married to the 24 year old sister that is unnamed.

I need to find descendants who know that Loyd Copeland is their ancestor!

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At March 17, 2010 at 2:14 PM , Blogger Catherine said...

Holy Smokes! This is complicated...and must be so frustrating, yet intriguing to find out that there are more siblings than seemed possible. Good luck with the hunt for information about them!


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