Saturday, March 20, 2010

Guessing Names

If Nancy's obituary was correct, then there were 4 daughters and 6 sons of Loyd and Barbara Copeland. I only have Abner, Oliver, John, and Nancy. So I need the names of 3 more sons and 3 more daughters.
As I look at the Copeland and Finney ancestry (since my great grandparents were Abner Copeland and Samantha Jane Finney), I notice that the Copelands did not give their children middle names, but the Finneys did. So I am guessing that Abner named his daughters because, they, like me, only have one name - Clarissa and Pearl. The boys all have middle names.
Next, I notice that names often repeat, so I am going to guess on the names of Abner Copeland siblings' names.
One of Abner's son was named Emery Loyd Copeland, so Loyd came from his father.
Perhaps Loyd named one of Abner's brothers after his own father Douglas.
Abner already named his own son Daniel Ezra Copeland, after his grandmother's father Daniel May.
James is another family name. Abner's cousin Andrew Jackson Copeland had a son named James. My own father's name was James.
Loyd had a brother names Abner and one named Simon. So perhaps another brother's name was Simon.
But what of the girl's names? Perhaps Clarissa and Pearl were also Abner's sister's names. Then, would Loyd have also named a daughter after his own mother Margaret?
I now have to find out a way to get this information. Do I write to the Friends of Orange County or Alamance County in North Carolina? Do I just plug in information about each name and see what comes up? Do I order records from these counties and view them at the local library or Mormon familyhistory center.
This may take longer because there is no quick answer.

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