Friday, February 26, 2010

The First Families....

In 1870, Peter McKinlay and his wife Agnes Frew brought their children Peter Jr, Agnes, Jeannie, and Margaret from Glasgow, Scotland to Independence, Kansas. They sailed via steamship and then rode a train. There was no wagon train for them. They immediately found homesteads for themselves.

In 1880, Hiram McKay and his family left Indiana and came to the same area of Independence, KS and bought land.

In 1882, Abner and Samantha Copeland came with 4 children from Indiana to the Independence area. The Copeland family traveled with Samantha's parents Wesley and Mary Matilda Finney, and Samantha's brothers and sisters. They traveled by train with their possessions and their livestock. They all bought their first farms that year.

These were my ancestors, and the ones that I am writing about in my planned series of An American Genealogy: Families of Montgomery County.

I hope you enjoy their journey as they arrive in Kansas, and where their descendants move to afterwards.

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